Stephanie Rae Dixon

I like clean simple lines that move well.  As a dancer, choreographer, or designer my aesthetic has been the same throughout.  Coming from the dance world, I have been making costumes for productions for 15 years from classic staged productions to small cabaret to music videos.  After retiring as a performer, I am expanding my role as a designer.    


Artist in Residence in Kevo, Finland, utilizing multi-media studying
microbial decomposition of fabric and birch leaves.(2014-2017)

Artist in Residency at Raghurajpur International Arts and Culture Exchange in Orissa, India studying traditional Odisshi dance and Patri Chichra painting. (2011)



Styling: Levy's, Vanessa Walters, Fischerspooner, Study Hall, Waterworks, Lewis Cho, Chaos and Candy, the Fuckerettes, Daisy Spurs

Costumes:  Greg Zuccolo, Lucy Striver, Erica Essner, Nicole Wolcott, Vanessa Walters.

Tailoring: Albion Thorne